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Judo is a traditional Japanese martial art and popular self-defense sport that involves a strategic combination of throws, grappling, wrestling, joint locks and chokes to subdue an opponent. Our dojo is located in the heart of Costa Mesa and welcomes practitioners of all ages and skill levels in our judo classes. Our vision is to educate, train, and grow strong, well-rounded judokas, both inside and outside the dojo, and contribute in growing the judo community in California.



Open to children ages 3 to 12 years old, the goal of this class is introduce our Junior Judokas to the sport, its disciplines and etiquette.


The Fundamentals class is open to all students ages 13 and up, and will be taught by Sensei Mohammed Ghasemi.


The Advanced class is open to all students ages 13 and up, with a rank of green belt or higher, and focuses on improving fundamentals.

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Our Values


A successful judoka must understand how to earn and give respect to his/her peers and community.


Educating our members that all students, regardless of rank, will be afforded the same opportunities.


Developing sound minds, strong hearts and providing a strong support system for all members.


Creating a dojo that our students will look forward to coming to every day, eager to learn and play.

Our Instructors

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