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Upcoming Event: Mom & Me Judo Day

We are very excited to celebrate this coming Mother’s Day weekend hosting our first “Mom and Me Judo Day” on Saturday, May 11th during our regular kids judo class at 11:30am. On this day, we are welcoming all Moms on the mats for the first time so we can give our Senshi kids a fun day to train judo with their parents.

At Senshi Judo, our kids start as young as 3 years old — a challenging age for even the most seasoned of Senseis! During this age, kids are curious, excited, easily distracted and brimming with the type of energy that can rival the Energizer Bunny. Although kids this age are not necessarily learning throws on the first day, we familiarize them with being on the mats, doing the routine practice, slowly using basic Japanese terminology and learning how to break falls (“ukemi“). All of these are proper introductions to judo and our Moms will experience it for the first time on “Mom and Me Judo Day!”

As instructors, we understand the importance of being involved in your child’s special activities; parental support is very crucial to each child’s development in any sport. We are thankful for all parents who have continued to bring their kids to practice and cheer them on as they begin to learn the very basics of judo training. We are excited to see our Moms in action!

Practice will be one-hour long and we will be covering basic judo terminology, warm-ups and drills with partners and learning “Seoi-Nage”, a classic judo throw. Visitors and newcomers are welcome, gi’s are available for borrowing while supplies last. Please dress accordingly in flexible work-out clothing and bring a water bottle with you. Happy Mother’s Day!

For questions or more information, please contact administration at or give us a call at 949-229-0563.