In Our Dojo

Celebrating Mother’s Day – Judo Style!

This past Saturday, we hosted our very first “Mom and Me Judo Day” in honor of Mother’s Day. Our Senshi Moms happily played “uke” (practice partner) for our kiddies on this day, helping them with their usual judo drills and cheering them on as they learned new techniques. Of course, our Moms learned a bit of judo too! To start, our Moms learned “ushiro ukemi” (backward fall) as all beginners — both kids and adults — learn on their first day on the mats. Other common junior drills such as forward rolls, leap-frogs, “Ashi Waza” and “Seoi-Nage” were also briefly taught. Check out some of our videos below. Dads take note — you are next!

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